Teachinguide App Features for Students

Let’s take a look at exactly how the Teachinguide App will benefit you.

Free Courses - Learn more for less on a daily basis.

  • Get access to almost 10’000 free courses on Udemy immediately for free learning.
  • Get new free courses daily. Be first to know about new free courses to the hottest topics.
  • Search by keyword, category, subcategory, topic or author for the free courses you need right now.

Course Coupons - Be first to have exclusive access to the newest course coupons.

  • All free courses and coupons! Get immediate access to almost 200 valid Udemy coupons.
  • Select from various discount levels where almost 300 coupons are 100% coupons and totally free.
  • Get new coupons every day and be first to get them. Coupons last only 3 days and our public page won't even show many of those.
  • Search by keyword, category, subcategory, topic or author for the Udemy coupons for courses you need right now.

Weekly Hottest Emails - Stay up to date for courses in your area of interest.

  • Get the newest free courses in your inbox every week. Select your categories and language and get access right away.
  • Get updates on weekly coupons and don’t miss opportunities to learn from great courses for less money.

Full Course Database - Have access to all Udemy courses and find the best topics to learn.

  • Have access to our full course database including not only free and coupon support courses, but all of them.
  • Chose from over 100'000 courses by all kinds of filters and our calculated measures on enrollments, engagement, ranks and other metrics.
  • Use our subcategory browser and our topic research module to identify your next area of study focus.
  • Find the most famouse and trending instructors in our instructor directory and get all their courses.
  • Stop wasting months by investing in the wrong courses to learn and be ahead in your field.

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